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Geller Law offers comprehensive child custody services, including assistance with custody arrangements, child support matters, contempt actions, establishing paternity or legitimation, and representation by a guardian ad litem when needed.

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Child Custody

Georgia law requires that every divorce or child custody case include a parenting plan which lays out the schedule and rules surrounding how you and your ex will handle the decisions concerning your children and the visitation for your children.

Physical custody in Georgia means who the children will reside with primarily and on what schedule the children will see each parent.

Legal custody is defined as the rights each parent has to participate in the decision making for the children and rights to access. Legal custody is most often joint between parents; however, the law requires that there must be a determination of a tie-breaking decision maker in the areas of education, non-emergency medical decisions, religion, and extra-curricular activities.

Geller Law can assist you in designing and negotiating a parenting plan that works best for your family. In the event you and your ex cannot agree, we are skilled at advocating for the best parenting plan for your children in the courtroom.

Child Support

Georgia law requires that child support be set in accordance with the Child Guidelines for all cases with minor children. The worksheet was created by the Georgia Legislature and includes mandatory aspects like income and health insurance and other discretionary aspects like parenting time deviations.

Often parents are worried about their ex hiding income for child support purposes. Geller Law knows how to work diligently and use the Court process, such as subpoenas, depositions, motions, and court orders to obtain records and information to get to the bottom of your ex’s true income.

Contempt Actions

When a party fails to follow a court order, under Georgia law, the offender can be sued for contempt. The Court can enforce its own orders with consequences including sanctions, fees, jail time and other orders. If you are being sued for contempt or if you feel your ex-partner is not following the Court’s ordered parenting plan, contact Geller Law. We can handle your contempt action with the passion and legal knowledge you deserve.


When a child is born outside of a marriage, Georgia law states that the mother has sole legal and physical custody of the child until the child is legitimated. For a father to formally establish a legal connection to the child, the father must file a petition to legitimate with the Court. A mother can do the same, which is called a petition to establish paternity. A Court will establish a parenting plan and child support as part of the case. Factors the court may consider when making those decisions include the age of the child, the father’s bond with the child, and involvement with the child and the mother.

The legitimation process can be daunting, and each case is unique, let Geller Law advocate for what is best for your child.

Guardian Ad Litem

In some contested custody or divorce matters, a Guardian ad Litem is appointed by the Court to advocate for the best interests of the children. A Guardian ad Litem is ordered by the Court to investigate the facts and circumstances of the case and will make a recommendation to the Court regarding custody, parenting time and other issues relating to the children.

Jenn Geller is a trained Guardian ad Litem and can be appointed to your case if the Court chooses so.

Alternatively, if you have a case involving a Guardian ad Litem and need legal guidance on how to handle the process, Geller Law can help.

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