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Jenn Geller and her team at Geller Law are your leading post-divorce attorneys in Cherokee County, Georgia in 2024. Offering expert services including modifications of child custody and/or child support, alimony assistance, and representation for contempt actions.

Services provided:

Modification of Child Custody, Child Support and/or Alimony

A parenting plan, child support order, or an alimony order may all be modified by requesting that the Court do so due to a substantial change in circumstances. Those circumstances may be your ex has become addicted to drugs and alcohol, become violent with the children, or simply moved out of state. A job loss or job change can also constitute a change in circumstances.

Geller Law will work with you to review the current orders to determine your family’s needs and forge the best resolution going forward.

Contempt Actions

When a party fails to follow a Court order, under Georgia law, the offender can be sued for contempt. The Court can enforce its own orders with consequences including sanctions, fees, jail time and other orders.   If you are being sued for contempt or if you feel your ex-partner is not following the Court’s orders regarding child support, child custody, alimony, or the settlement agreement, contact Geller Law. We can handle your contempt action with the passion and legal knowledge you need and deserve.

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