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Jenn Geller and her team at Geller Law in Canton, Georgia, provide a range of family law services, including adoption, protective orders, wills and estate planning, equitable caregiver representation, grandparents’ rights advocacy, and assistance with school tribunal hearings.

Services provided:


Geller Law is experienced in both adoption of minors and adoption of adults. Geller Law has handed hotly contested adoptions (which include the other side’s request to terminate the parent’s rights).

Geller Law can assist with all types of adoptions including stepparent adoptions and third-party adoptions. The adoption journey can be long and daunting but is such a happy part of the legal system. Geller Law knows the legal requirements for navigating the adoption laws, so that you can focus on your family.

Protective Orders and Domestic Violence

Georgia law allows two types of protective orders: family violence and stalking. Family violence orders are usually for physical violence or threats of violence. Stalking orders relate to consistent, unwanted contact that makes you fearful for your safety.

As a former felony prosecutor, Jenn Geller tried numerous domestic violence cases against violent individuals who had beat, shot, and even murdered their spouses or children. Domestic Violence is too common and affects the family’s mental health and stability.

Contact Geller Law immediately if you feel the need for a Protective Order (or to defend against one). The cases move very fast, and Geller Law is ready to jump in and advocate for you.

Name Changes

There are many reasons for an adult or a minor to pursue a name change. You may think your current name no longer suits you or you may have not proceeded with a name change as part of your divorce.  Whatever the reason may be for the name change, certain legal documents must filed and steps followed for the name change to be approved by the Court. Geller Law can guide you through the entire process ensuring the best chance possible for the name change to be granted.

Wills and Estate Planning

Planning for your future is vital especially when you have children.  It is important to have a will in place to ensure your survivors know your wishes regarding your children and assets in the event you are to suddenly pass away. Geller Law can assist with the estate planning tools you need to protect your loved one’s future.

Equitable Caregivers

Georgia established a new law in 2019 which allows certain individuals who have given significant care and support to a child to be established as an “equitable caregiver.” Once proven, an equitable caregiver can seek visitation or custody rights. Under this new law, an equitable caregiver has a path for requesting the Court establish the person as caregiver. This may include Court hearings or an investigation into the person’s role in the child’s life.

Geller Law has handled equitable caregiver cases and is able to assist you in evaluating your case and the new law.

Grandparent’s Rights

Being a grandparent is one of life’s greatest pleasures. However, if you are not permitted to see or visit your grandchildren anymore, you may need legal help. Georgia has certain legal hurdles regarding grandparents’ rights including the type of bond with the grandchildren, length of time residing together, emotional harm to the children if visits are not granted, and more.

Geller Law will be by your side to advocate for your grandparents’ rights.

School Tribunal Hearings

If your child is facing a school discipline issue, contact Geller Law for assistance in navigating a school tribunal hearing. These hearings can feel scary to your student and understanding the School Code of Conduct may feel overwhelming. Geller Law has the compassion and experience to work with you and your student to explain the process and guide you through what to expect.

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